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                Company Profile

                At Tawseelah, we are obsessed with customer delight and we take it as our mission to make every delivery a seamless experience for end customers. As one of the earliest delivery companies in UAE, we have come to understand what it takes to win customers and retain them through superior services. Founded by the logistics professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in GCC countries, Tawseelah provides hyperlocal and last mile delivery fulfilment services to the customers in food & beverages, grocery, pharma, online/offline retail and personal deliveries.

                Our technology enabled solutions assist customers with real-time order placement, visibility and control of delivery operations.


                TLS Group Companies

                Tawseelah is a part of Three Line Shipping (TLS) Group. TLS group is among the top five logistics companies with its own offices and a team of 200 professionals in GCC countries. Engaged in heavy lift transportation, LTL & FTL services, freight forwarding and custom clearance services, TLS provides strong backbone to Tawseelah as its latest venture in new-age last mile fulfilment business.

                Our Promise - Peace of mind as you outsource to Tawseelah!

                1. Customer delight by owning our deliverables and meeting service requirements
                2. Professional, well-groomed and trained riders
                3. Latest technology for seamless operations
                4. Compliance with latest safety and environment protocols

                Rafeeq KK

                Managing Director


                Vinay Panniker

                Chief Executive Officer


                Adil Ahmed

                Chief Operations Officer

                Join Our Team

                Send us your resume at hr@tawseelah.com and we will contact you for discussions